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We are all too aware of the amount of time and money lost to employers through stress. Stress in the workplace can be different for everyone concerned. What is stressful for some may not be stressful for others. It depends on personality, how you respond to different pressures and how you work towards reducing those pressures, which manifest itself through a variety of physical and emotional symptoms.  

  • Stress Management - Through workshops or one-to-one appointments
  • On-site Chair Massage - Totally clothed, with an ergonomic chair placed in a quiet area or meeting room, these appointments are specially designed to relax, energise and revitalise.  Scientifically proven to improve morale,efficiency, accuracy and reduce time taken off sick.
  • Remedial Massage - Usually treated in a more private area such as a first aid room or similar, these appointments are designed to deal with more specific problems such as low back pain, repetitive strains, sports injuries and headaches.
  • Therapeutic Massage - Reflexology and Aromatherapy treatments excellent in aiding relaxation.

These services are tailored to meet the needs of both the employer and the employee and usually last approximately 30 minutes.

To further discuss details on all our services, prices and payment plans we can offer your business and your employees, please call us on: 01324 630888