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Massage Therapies


Swedish Massage

An ultimately relaxing therapy, Swedish massage can help reduce muscle spasm and alleviate muscle pain.

For most people the real benefit of Swedish massage is that it brings an improved sense of well-being.

25minute appointment £30 | 55minute appointment £45

Sports Massage

A sports massage can be used to ease over-worked muscles and assist healing of sports injuries.

Sports massage is also effective in helping with mental preparation for a sporting event.

25minute appointment £30 | 55minute appointment £45


Remedial Massage

Remedial massage is a deep tissue therapy that uses advanced techniques to musculoskeletal conditions and muscular dysfunctions.

Remedial massage is recommended for treatment of injuries or repetitive strain problems.

25minute appointment £30 | 55minute appointment £45
Advanced Remedial Massage

Advanced remedial massage is manipulation of the body's soft tissues.

The treatment soothes away aches, mobilises locked joints and re-balances the body framework giving pain relief and better posture.

Advanced remedial massage uses a variety of powerful and effective manual techniques, including Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) which allow joints to move more easily.

25minute appointment £30 | 55minute appointment £45

Sports and remedial massage work at a deeper level than relaxing therapies.  As part of an overall fitness programme, massage therapies can reduce the chances of injury and improve sports performance. 

Massage for people living with Cancer

Our therapists have been specially trained in working with people going through cancer treatment or who have had cancer.

The treatment will be provided in a safe, comforting and caring environment.

Please call to speak with one of our specially trained therapists.

55minute appointment £45

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage

A pregnancy and postnatal massage can be used to ease back/ joint pain, oedema, muscle tension, headaches, stress and anxiety.  It promotes circulation, and thereby increases oxygenation to soft tissues and muscles.

Pregnancy massage is also effective in helping promote a better night's sleep.

55 minute appointment £45

85 minute appointment £58

115 minute appointment £70