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Within our modern, state of the art clinic we are proud to provide first class therapy and treatment to some of the most talented athletes in the area.

Sports massage is integral to maintaining good levels of performance with any discipline. We can help to reduce the risk of injury for your members and reduce recovery times. A high quality sports massage is essential for the rehabilitation of soft tissue injuries such as muscle strain.

Receiving regular massage develops your athletes' body awareness, increasing efficiency of movements and reducing the risk of injury. We will also teach specific exercises and stretches that will lead to improved performance.

Along with a range of sports massage therapies we also offer a full physiotherapy service, assuring your athletes are receiving the best treatment by the most highly qualified and experienced practitioners. We support a number of amateur and youth football teams, and will work with you to enhance your members' fitness and well-being, increasing the success of your club.

Why not give us a call now on 01324 630888 to see how we can help your sports club.