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30th January 2014 by Chara, PrudentialI think Linzi is AMAZEING!!  I did not know what to expect and I was so impressed with Linzi's manner and knowledge.  I have had what I thought was rib-cage problems for the last 10 years and never thought it was back related.  I have woken up this morning (a bit battered and bruised) feeling better than I have in years!  19 days later....I continue to feel great since my session with Linzi.  I have not been pain free for years (for me it is a dull ache that never let up) and I am now waking up every morning feeling great! 
February 2014 by A, Excellent therapist.  Great explanation and I am showing improvement. Thanks.
February 2014 by BarryI have seen Linzi on several occasions now and cannot speak highly enough of her 'healing hands!'
February 2014 by MarieAfter attending a few sessions I was recommended to see the chiropractor to complement the massage.  So both therapists have provided a very good personal treatment plan.